Floydfest Papermaking Workshop

Well…Artisan Hemp taught a hemp papermaking workshop..and i’m sorry but there are no photos. here’s one of the dreamcatchers at Floydfest…our assistant who was going to photograph the workshop was unable to attend and unfortunately we do not have images from this great event. It was awesome tho! And Nahko and MFTP put on anContinue reading “Floydfest Papermaking Workshop”

Hemp Heals Music Festival Posters

On July 22, 2016, the 4th Hemp Heals Music Festival took place in Philly. It was a great event, as always. I missed last years event, and during the time since I attended in 2014, Philadelphi decriminalized marijuana…and there were many joints lit, including a giant spliff smoked on stage. Times they are a changin’. Riley Cote,Continue reading “Hemp Heals Music Festival Posters”

Petition: Allow American Farmers to Grow Industrial Hemp

Please take a moment to sign and share! We will be delivering this petition on hemp paper in September and need as many signatures as possible. It is time to lift the nonsensical ban on cannabis. Time to grow! Please join me and the National Hemp Association to help pass the Industrial Hemp Farming Act:Continue reading “Petition: Allow American Farmers to Grow Industrial Hemp”

Cannabis, Hemp, Marijuana…

When people ask what the difference between hemp and marijuana is, I find myself saying that they are both cannabis sativa and it’s kind of like a sweet pepper vs. hot pepper- both members of the same plant family, but expressing very different characteristics. The hemp farm bill amendment legally defined industrial hemp as CannabisContinue reading “Cannabis, Hemp, Marijuana…”