Artisan hemp was founded by Eli Shalom in early 2012, out of frustration of not being able to source 100% hemp paper for printing art. Elishewa learned about the benefits and uses of hemp in 2002 after coming across the book, “The Emperor Wears No Clothes,” by Jack Herer.

When Artisan Hemp began as a hobby research project making hemp paper, it was illegal for American farmers to grow hemp. Fibers for paper making were purchased from Canada and China. The 2013 Farm Bill, passed in 2014, included an industrial hemp amendment which defined industrial hemp as Cannabis Sativa with less than .3% THC, effectively separating hemp from marijuana and allowing states to pass their own bills allowing hemp farming.

Since then, Artisan Hemp has been working directly with hemp farmers in the U.S.A., purchasing their fibers for papermaking. Since the United States is severely behind other countries in hemp processing technology and there is no infrastructure setup for this, it is crucial to work where we can with small scale crafters and producers to create value added products, proving that hemp can be a valuable and profitable commodity for farmers.

Thanks for supporting the Artisan Hemp paper project!

  • Eli Shalom, Artisan Hemppapermaker                            Photo Credit: Jordan L. Polycranos

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  1. Hi Elishewa,
    Great to meeting you this weekend and see you make your sheets. I am working on making industrial scale paper from hemp. If there’s anything I can do for you or any of your clients, please let me know.


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