Portable Beater!

In late may of 2016, Dr. Bronner’s generously donated a portable beater machine to our paper project. This made it possible to travel and teach paper making workshops anywhere. It also allows us to process fibers and make paper pulp on the farms where hemp is grown. In June, we made paper at Hemp in the Holler, at Healing Ground Farm in Livingston KY, from hemp fibers grown on their farm! See the next post for photos and a recap of that awesome event.

The critter beater is awesome – it chews up hemp fibers and fabric scraps like a beast.

Thanks to David Bronner for generously donating towards this purchase and to Adam Eidinger for allowing us to work in his home office and for letting us use hemp/cotton fabric scraps from phrygian hat production!

Here are some photos of the initial beatings with Emanuel, the beater, named after the Dr. Bronner!IMG_6985.JPGIMG_7010.jpg

Emanuel and Kentucky grown hemp fiber!IMG_7012.jpgEmanuel being loaded with phrygian hat fabric scraps!IMG_7038.JPG

IMG_7023.JPGPulp…almost done!


Pulp going into the vat for sheet forming. IMG_7061.jpg

Phrygian fabric scrap paper with DC grown cannabis leaf!


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