Hemp Notebooks for Nahko

Finally catching up on blogging. The past few months have been a bit of a whirlwind.

Some of you may be familiar with the band, Nahko and Medicine for the People. If you haven’t heard their music, check ’em out! They’re amazing live, so be sure to see them in concert. Their music really is medicine. http://www.nahko.com

Earlier this year, I was contacted by someone at their record label asking if we could make hemp paper notebooks for them. She said, “Nahko wants hemp notebooks and said you could help.” (Well, if Nahko wants hemp notebooks then Nahko is going to get hemp notebooks!!) I met Nahko in 2014 and gave him a handmade hemp paper notebook and other goodies, then gave him another the next year and explained the purpose behind the Artisan Hemp paper project.

The hemp paper notebooks were produced as part of Nahko & MFTP new cd pre-order bundles. It has been our largest order thus far. They sold out. The journey from the time I got the email about the notebooks, to the time the project was completed is hard to describe. My initial thought upon reading the email was, “sorry. I can’t do it.” The next night, Nahko was in my dream. I woke up and knew I had to fucking do it. I didn’t know how, I just knew it had to be done and I had to figure out how. And that’s what happened.

In June, I saw Nahko at Wanderlust in WV and thanked him in person. He told me that when I told him about the hemp paper, he heard me. He understands. So grateful. I told Nahko, “Thanks for lighting a fire under my ass.” He said, “Don’t stop.” As he said, it’s all about the timing. It was perfect alignment and if it had been different, it probably couldn’t have been done. (The community art studio where I worked was getting ready to relocate, and there happened to be a lull in classes and other renters. This meant I was able to rent the studio and utilize it on a full time basis for about 2 months.)

We didn’t use 100% handmade paper inside because of production/time limitations, and wanted the notebooks to have a nice substantial amount of paper inside and so we used a hemp/recycled machine made paper, available in bulk. We are working on production of 100% hemp paper and until then, this Hemp Heritage blend is the highest content mass produced hemp paper available. The covers were produced as double sheets, making them thicker and stiffer than regular sheets (and twice the amount of work) and they have the text, “It is written” screen printed on. This is the name of one of the tracks on their new cd, HOKA. Here are some photos…if you happened to have one of these notebooks, I hope you are using it well and that your dreams are manifesting!!

<3, ElishewaIMG_6820.JPG


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