Hemp in the Holler!

On June 10th and 11th of this year, I attended and presented at Hemp in the Holler, a celebration of hemp at a hemp farm in Livingston, KY. Activities included workshops on hemp farming, hempcrete construction, hemp breaking and hacking, and paper making. I brought Emanuel, the portable beater, and we made paper with fibers grown right there on the farm.


It was a great event, with many industry leaders in attendance and a laid back, family friendly atmosphere. I enjoyed sharing the art of hemp paper making with so many interested people. Thanks to Eric Hackworth for getting these photos of the paper making workshops and supreme gratitude to all who attended, to Blake Butler and Jill Lieberman, who worked day and night to organize this event and make sure everything went smoothly, and to Mike and Melinda Lewis, who welcomed us all to their beautiful farm.

cooking_fiber_HEMPinHoller.jpgCooking hemp fibers

checking beater hemp in holler.jpgChecking pulp in the beater

pressing paper.jpgPressing sheets

sheet drying hemp in holler.jpgApplying sheets to a board to dry (sheets of paper and vat of pulp in foreground)


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