Fiber Farming in Appalachia

After HempX, I visited a couple of hemp farms in Appalachia. Building relationships with farmers is a crucial component to the Artisan Hemp mission. It all begins with the soil. With all the talk of how profitable a crop hemp can be, we must prove this by purchasing raw material from farmers and creating products fromContinue reading “Fiber Farming in Appalachia”

Floydfest Papermaking Workshop

Well…Artisan Hemp taught a hemp papermaking workshop..and i’m sorry but there are no photos. here’s one of the dreamcatchers at Floydfest…our assistant who was going to photograph the workshop was unable to attend and unfortunately we do not have images from this great event. It was awesome tho! And Nahko and MFTP put on anContinue reading “Floydfest Papermaking Workshop”

Hemp Heals Music Festival Posters

On July 22, 2016, the 4th Hemp Heals Music Festival took place in Philly. It was a great event, as always. I missed last years event, and during the time since I attended in 2014, Philadelphi decriminalized marijuana…and there were many joints lit, including a giant spliff smoked on stage. Times they are a changin’. Riley Cote,Continue reading “Hemp Heals Music Festival Posters”