Cannabis, Hemp, Marijuana…

When people ask what the difference between hemp and marijuana is, I find myself saying that they are both cannabis sativa and it’s kind of like a sweet pepper vs. hot pepper- both members of the same plant family, but expressing very different characteristics. The hemp farm bill amendment legally defined industrial hemp as Cannabis Sativa with less than .3% THC. We can describe hemp as low THC and marijuana as high THC. I dislike using the term marijuana because it has racist roots, and am using it for the sake of clarity. I am beginning to become tired of the word hemp as well, even though I use it to market my products under the Artisan Hemp name. We can even go further to speak of cannabis variations in terms of their end use – for example, cannabis for fiber, oilseed, and drug/medicine. Maybe that would just make things simpler and help clear some confusion.


artis and hemp logo.png

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