Making Paper with Hemp Hurds

In 1916, USDA Botanist, Lyster Dewey, published a report, Bulletin No. 404, titled “Hemp Hurds as Paper-making material.” Inspired by this, I decided it would be a good experiment to make paper from just hemp hurds. This was made possible by money raised from the IndieGogo fundraiser in spring 2014. Thanks to all who supportedContinue reading “Making Paper with Hemp Hurds”

Papermaking with Kentucky Hemp!

Super excited to be making paper with organic hemp from KY! This first batch is some leftover fibers that didn’t make the cut for a textile project. This was decorticated using a hand break. There were a bunch of hurds still in, although I picked out the larger pieces of hurd (inner woody core ofContinue reading “Papermaking with Kentucky Hemp!”