June 2015 Update

Hi All!

I have learned so much about making paper with hemp over the last 3 years and look forward to researching more and improving my craft while teaching others! We are so grateful for all your loving support. The last indiegogo campaign raised enough money to cover studio costs and the result was 5 beautiful varieties of hemp paper – all 100% hemp except for the rag paper, a hemp/organic cotton blend.

1. Unbleached, organic Canadian hemp fibers

2. Fabric scraps – 55% hemp, 45% organic cotton

3. Degummed hemp fiber from China (light, cream color)

4. Unbleached organic hemp fibers blended with hemp hurds

5. Degummed cream colored hemp fibers blended with hurds.

Additionally, there are about two variations of weights in the unbleached Canadian fiber and de-gummed China fiber papers.

Next phase of growth will be to raise funds for a studio, including a portable beater machine that can be used for traveling hemp paper making workshops.

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